North Superior Ski and Run Club

Adalat 8 dec 2012

Saturday 29th June 2013
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The Pincushion Mountain Trail System is a 25 kilometer silent sport trail system perched high above Lake Superior, 2 miles north of Grand Marais, Minnesota.  Because of its varied terrain, excellent trail design and spectacular vistas of Lake Superior and Devil Track River canyon, this trail system is enjoyed by thousands annually for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, running and mountain biking.

With annual average snowfall of 110″, Warming Chalet, Pisten Bully grooming for classic and skate skiing, Pincushion Mountain is a great Nordic skiing destination!

Guess what?  It’s free to ski at Pincushion with a Minnesota Ski Pass, but we do encourage a $5 per person / day donation.  Our yellow donation box is located on the main entrance sign, just below the Warming Chalet.  Or make a donation right from this website by clicking “donate” below.

Please Donate Today!

The North Superior Ski and Run Club has recently made some new equipment purchases that are allowing us to keep the quality of the trails high, even when the quantity of snow is low.  Last winter we purchased a second snowmobile and Ginzu groomer.  The combo allows us to produce great skiing conditions when there is a minimal snowpack.  It also saves hours on the Pisten Bully, which will soon be due for a major maintenance overhaul.  This fall we added a John Deere tractor with mower and sickle bar attachments to our fleet.  These additions will keep the trails in better shape throughout the entire year and help with the ever increasing brush growing along the trails.  We made these purchases with all of you in mind.  We want to keep the trail conditions at Pincushion as high as possible!  Please make a donation today.   Just click on the donate button below and THINK SNOW!