North Superior Ski and Run Club

Little bit cold today, but trails are in fantastic shape!   Everything has been groomed for both skate and classic, and conditions are the best early season skiing in a long time.


East Overlook, West overlook, Upper and Lower Snowman, Bed &Breakfast, Canyon Curves, Ole Hyyva, Hilficker Hill, and North Advanced were groomed for classic and skating this morning. Should be excellent conditions.

Snow has Arrived!

The trail has received upwards of 12 inches of new snow and the groomers are out to put things back in top skiing condition.

12/29/12 Grooming Report

We finally got some more snow! All trails except East Overlook were rolled today and are in good shape. There are some areas of the Stadium, Ole Hyvaa, and Hilfikker that are still a bit thin, so be heads up.

12/11/12 Grooming Report

Currently the Stadium, West Overlook, the Snowmen, North Advanced, Canyon Curves, part of the B&B, and Pincushion Mt. loop have been rolled.  West Overlook and the Snowmen loops have a shallow track set on them.  Pincushion Mt. is skiable, but very thin in some areas.

11/27/12 Grooming Report

West Overlook and the Stadium have been rolled and packed.  North Advanced, Upper and Lower Snowmen, and Canyon Curves have all been rolled.  The base is very thin in all areas.  Please be careful on all trails.  We should get the rest of the trails packed soon.  Watch for updates!